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In the ever-changing landscape of the roofing industry, today’s leaders and influencers must be adaptable while simultaneously encouraging innovation and celebrating success. Don’t miss your chance to connect with culture-shaping icons who are dedicated to triggering change. Take the opportunity to learn from innovators at the top of their game and explore ways to future-proof your career! You’ll experience two days of inspiring sessions that will help you navigate through leadership issues while continuing to inspire yourself and those around you.

Join Industry Leaders And Help Shape The Future Of Roofing!

Meet Storm Into The New Era Hosts

Kim and Paul Reed are industry entrepreneurs who have made it their life’s work to help and lead those in the industry to betterment and success. They have worked side by side for years to build NextGen Storm Leads and North-West Roofing into the successful companies they are today. Join them and many others and learn from their leadership on how to purposefully bring positivity, new energy, fresh ideas and success to your business.

Storm Into The New Era Takes Over In

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For Innovators, Motivators And Leaders

Join us for top-notch speakers, topics that matter, and inspiration all in a beautiful setting! Learn from our leadership experts how to purposefully bring positivity, new energy, fresh ideas and success to your business.

Why Attend

This symposium is dedicated to inspiring others while allowing them to thrive and advance in a meaningful way that leaves a positive mark not only in their lives, but the lives of their fellow employees, customers and those they come in contact with.
After this symposium you will be better educated on how to face daily obstacles, examine real challenges in the industry and return to work armed with practical, relevant ideas to change the future of the roofing industry for the better.

Who Will Benefit

Enjoy two days chockfull of educated speakers, practical learning, and thought leadership to turbo charge your proficiency in the roofing industry. Participate in the first-ever development symposium designed especially for innovators, motivators & leaders who want to connect, learn from each other, and help shape the future of the roofing and construction industry. You will experience cutting-edge thought leadership from keynoters, facilitators, and attendees, solve real problems, build your network, and accelerate your career through thoughtful leadership.

How We Are Different

This conference embodies the question: “How are you positively influencing your team and those around you to excel in our industry and in their personal lives?” We will be favorably celebrating those who chose to foster an environment that allows for fellowship and ethical leadership in the roofing industry.

Cutting-edge Thought Leadership From Keynote Speakers

The Roofing Industry’s most recognizable, influential and ethical share their advice on how to build and monetize a career in the roofing trade.

Their story, struggles and successes. We can all learn a lot from these two on how to turn tragedy into success by giving back. 

Doug Quinn & Heather Shapter

Justin Luke Riley is ready to share his path to success and help those in attendance pave their own road!

Justin Luke Riley

Build Your Network And Accelerate Your Career Through Thoughtful Leadership.



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Join Industry Leaders and Rising Stars
For the 2020 Storm Into The New Era Symposium, January 11th and 12th in Denver, Co.