Storm Into the New Era

This is not a conference. This is not a trade show. This is not a networking event. Storm Into the New Era is a SHIFT.

Our vision is to bring together like-minded individuals in the roofing and restoration industry who want to uplift their community and bring positive change to the world around them. This symposium will be a time to connect and a time to learn, but it will mostly be a time to grow, personally, spiritually and professionally. We want those who attend to be refreshed and re- energized, ready to take on an ever-changing and challenging world.

SHIFT- Service, Humility, Integrity, Faith, Tenacity- drives this event. Everything is focused on these values. Our speakers, our content, and our purpose is centered around the SHIFT we are trying to cultivate.

Come and be a part of this incredible opportunity to gather with those who share your values and hear from people who have struggled and overcome. We know that family is one of the most important aspects to any business venture, so we want to encourage those interested in attending to bring their spouse so that you both can grow and experience this together. There will be a special breakout both days for the women in the industry, including the women who are the support to their husbands every day.

The time to stand and be a leader of change is now and this symposium is the place to start. We are strongest when we stand together. Let’s make a SHIFT.



The American Roofing and Restoration Council (ARRC) is a group of business professionals invested in cultivating ethical leadership and strong moral foundations in the contracting/roofing industry. This council was formed by those who saw a deficiency in the culture and wish to create change. By being a member of ARRC, you commit to the best business practices and dedicate your efforts toward promoting these practices in your community.

These are the ARRC values:
Personal Accountability
Servant Leadership
For information on how to become a member of ARRC, please reach out to Chase Johnson, [email protected]